Male Swan Killed

Very sadly, the Common’s male swan (the cob) was found dead by a member of the public on the morning of May 4 2018. The swan was clearly attacked by something, but whether fox, dog or person remains unclear.

The female swan (the pen) remains on its nest at the time of writing and, despite concerns, Ann Davies, the local  Swan Sanctuary rep, says it is perfectly capable of rearing any cygnets alone. Let’s hope there are some and they survive.

Ann also notes the fairly chequered history of swans on Wandsworth Common which seem more vulnerable than in neighbouring locations, for whatever reason. Two cobs have been killed by dogs in the past five years and another by a person.

The Swan Sanctuary will try to respond to any incident involving injured waterfowl – not just swans.

You can contact Ann on 07984 201854 or the Swan Sanctuary emergency number is 01932 240790. In the meantime, help by keeping dogs away from the island. Remember that according to the bye-laws, dogs must be on a lead by the lake and are not allowed in the water.