Tree Trail Launched

Wandsworth Common now has its very own self-guided tree trail. Showcasing over 80 of the Common’s 3,000 trees, including 12 specially selected by Enable as particularly fine specimen trees, you can access the trail on your smartphone.

Go to your app store and download the TiCL app (it’s free but you have to register). Go to the Common and the app will list nearby trails. Select the Wandsworth Common Tree Trail and you’ll see the trees listed in order of proximity. There’s a ‘direct me’ button to tell you which direction to walk in to find your chosen tree and how far, and it counts down as you approach. A photograph of the tree is a final check that you’re in the right place.

There are still a few trees to add, at the extremities of the Common, with the aim being to include trees on all 12 sections of the Common. Give it a try and marvel at the tree canopy we’re lucky to have on our doorsteps, with all the benefits that brings, particularly in this heatwave.