May round-up: Birds and bees

As well as our very successful AGM and 1st birthday party, May saw two fascinating first time talks.

Nick Rutter, a Friend and local birder, explained what birds we could expect to see on the Common at different times of year and in their different habitats. Among many other things we learned that skylarks used to nest on the Common and there was also once a tawny owl. No more, alas, but we’ve gained stock doves, Egyptian geese, the sparrow hawk and, of course, parakeets. Over 100 different species have been observed at various times over the past several years.

Later in the month we heard about bumble bees, solitary bees and honey bees from Michelle of The Little Honey Bee company. Amazing to learn there are approximately 270 different types of bee in the UK, but only one is the honey bee. We’ve been watching them closely ever since.

Thanks to both our speakers.