New Management Plan published

In mid September, after two years hard work by independent consultants LUC (Land Use Consultants), other experts, and substantial input from the Wandsworth Common Management Advisory Committee (the MAC) and also the Friends, and after a major user consultation, a new Management and Maintenance Plan for the Common was published – the first in 40 years!!   

It’s a long and detailed document (plus a 2nd volume of supporting data), with a huge number of fascinating facts on the Common’s history, ecology, trees, hydrology, governance etc, not to mention a list of over 100 actions. It’s well worth dipping into.  

You can read the official press release and the report itself by following this link
It's also available on our website

The MMP is a blueprint for the Common’s managers for the next 10 years. It is also a key reference document for the MAC, whose Constitution gives it prime responsibility for advising on its implementation. Although a lot of the Plan represents 'business as usual' there will also be many new projects. A joint WBC/Enable/MAC/Friends oversight group has been created to agree priorities and monitor implementation of key projects.

Not everything can be done at once, so the first priorities include:

  • Drinking fountains/bottle-fillers, to reduce single use plastic (supporting Wandsworth's new environmental strategy)

  • Interpretation schemes (information boards, apps and educational materials) with nature and heritage content

  • Educational events and schools outreach

  • More active management of the Scope (woodland at the SW corner of the Common) as an ecological area

  • Renovating and making accessible the toilet facilities on the Common

  • Exploration of options and feasibility of renovating Neal’s Lodge and Neal’s Cottage and establishing it as a multi-use facility for the benefit of the local community